Tips for Preventing Outdoor Allergies

Des enfants qui promènent leur chien dehors

Outdoor Allergies

Do not let allergens disturb your peace. Follow these tips to manage outdoor allergies.

1. Plan Your Day

Base your activities on the forecast. Stay indoors on dry, windy days when pollen is floating through the air, and head outside during low pollen days or after a rainstorm when the air is clear.

2. Change Your Clothes

If you have worn something outside, do not wear it inside to avoid spreading allergens around your home.

3. Do Not Mow or Rake

Mowing lawns and raking leaves can stir up pollen and mold. If you must mow and rake, protect your nose and eyes accordingly.

4. Dry Laundry Indoors

Avoid hanging sheets and clothes outside to dry. You will end up capturing unwanted allergens and bringing them into the house; use a dryer instead.


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